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Thursday 19th November, 2016 at 12pm



able UK


Hozier has been confirmed as the headline act for ABLE2UK – The Accessible Concert 2016. Irish rockers Kodaline will join Hozier plus other special acts to be announced for the unique event in the coming weeks. There will also be a selection of filmed messages from some of music and cinema’s biggest stars adding additional entertainment on this special evening. 

The concert at the O2 Academy Glasgow on January 7th 2016 will see the venue increase capacity and facilities for disabled music fans, putting them at the forefront for the evening.

The date will precede Hozier’s SOLD OUT UK Tour, which includes 3 nights at O2 Brixton Academy, and follows on from the massive success of his self-titled debut album. The fifth single from the album, ‘Jackie And Wilson’, currently features on the Radio1 A List.

ABLE2UK is an organisation supporting disabled people to enjoy life to their full extent. The dedicated news source for people with disabilities aims to deliver an event that, above all, maximises customer experience. 

Disabled customers will be prioritised from the very start of the process with enhanced accessible ticketing support and an advice service plus the gig will feature the following enhancements:


  • Step free and enhanced access wherever possible
  • ABLE2UK assistants and customer experience team  
  • Increased accessible toilet provision
  • Additional accessible seating and viewing platform  
  • Less congested floor space and seating areas in balcony 
  • Hearing induction loop
  • On-stage BSL signing interpreter
  • Blue Badge Parking 
  • Temporary taxi rank adjacent to venue 
  • Pick up and Drop off location
  • Drinks service to platform.



Founder and editor of ABLE2UK, Howard Thorpe said, ‘This will be an incredible gig with some outstanding acts.   At concerts disabled people can sometimes feel segregated from the crowd, at this event that won’t be the case. This is an inclusive show but there will be an emphasis on increased wheelchair capacity and disabled facilities.’

Thorpe added, ‘I am so proud of the team working behind this event and I hope this will be the first of many ABLE2UK concerts in Scotland. I want to send a message to everyone; disabled or non-disabled: If you put your mind to something you are “able2” do anything.’



All tickets are £27.50 (subject to booking fee) and ticket registration opens on Friday 20th November at 10am, with a variety of ticket types available to apply for.

All ticket information is available at www.ticketweb.co.uk/able2uk

Registration will close on Friday 27th November at 5pm and sales links will be sent to successful applicants by Wednesday 2nd December. 

For more information please contact:

Cameron Steel on 0141 566 4999 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



ABLE2UK is an organisation supporting disabled people to enjoy life to their full extent. The recently re-launched website brings daily showbiz news related to disability, venue access information and a round-up of news stories from across the world related to disability – in a quirky and entertaining way. Howard Thorpe is founder of ABLE2UK and promoter of the Glasgow show.



5th November 2015 - by Laura Richter


The wonderful Laura is one of our members, a final year fashion student and university and has also worked as a vintage specialilsit for Oxfam.  We are so happy to have her collaborate with us and share some of her tips... enjoy!



IMG 0410 2



I don’t know about you but there are a certain amount of ‘perception causes’ around my disability that I can control and some I can’t. The main ones I believe I can control are what I dress myself in, the attitude I present myself with and the food I eat- even though I am known to be a bit of a chocoholic… but everything needs its balance!



Perfectly stated by Thea Porter, “Whatever else clothes may be about, I believe they must add to the enjoyment of life” and wearing an outfit that you feel confident in changes everything. Although that may just be the fashion student coming out in me.



Fashion student or not, I want to give you the best styling tips I can…


1. For all the women working with wheels I recommend high waisted as the way to sit! Luckily this style has been on trend for a good while now and I just hope it never leaves! I buy my high waist jeans from Topshop, ranging from £30-£40, I can always trust they will last a long time. I know tough jeans can sometimes be difficult so you may find the stretch denim, that has emerged on the high street in shops such as New Look, will work with you better! The same rule can be applied to trousers. If you are wearing wide leg for a more sophisticated evening look always add a belt to highlight your waist.


2. My go to outfit piece whenever I am going on a night out with my friends is a skirt- there is a practical reason for this too; it’s so much quicker to go to the bathroom! The friends I go out with will definitely agree with me on this one…If this skirt is pleated a waist belt is essential and either a crop top or shirt tucked in to top it off.


3. Everyone has to have days when they lounge in their most comfortable trackies and jumpers, but on the days when you want to think about what you are wearing, try to balance your top and bottom half; for example if you are wearing a baggy top then team it with skinny jeans or leggings and vice versa. Most people, sat down or stood, should consider this but I always think sat down wearing baggy on the top and bottom is doing nobody any favours!



This approach can also be taken with men. Now, I am not a man but I will give it my best shot at some tips for you…


1. Firstly I’d like to make a point that I think men look great in tailored suits, however because the standard tailoring is cut for a stood position then men on wheels can struggle to achieve that clean cut look. MASSIVE GAP IN THE FASHION MARKET!


2. However for the time being, maybe wearing a jacket that stops at your lap and is nicely fitted will finish a tailored look well for sitting down.


3. For jeans, men actually have quite a suitable and on trend option; tapered jeans can be found that are wider fitting at the top and slimmer as they go down to the ankle. I found a pair of G-Star jeans on asos.com that are in a baggy style, which covers any unwanted lap creases. Teamed with a fitted top will be a perfect casual look. I am sure you can find these in a range of prices across the high street!



So that’s all from me for now. I am excited to see what noise Why Not People can make in the fashion industry!


Love Laura x






26th October 2015 - By James Lee


In the immortal words of Dr Nick (from the Simpsons, not our Dr Nick):

Hi Everybody!


My name is James Lee and I’ve just joined the Why Not People team as their Campaign Manager. 

I’ve come on board to help make sure that what we are doing with Why Not People has a lasting impact on accessibility around the UK.


I’ll be responsible for getting all the wonderful charities who support disabled people across the UK to come together and really push accessibility to the top of the agenda for everyone we are working with in the music industry and beyond.

I’ll also be engaging with government ministers and policy makers to turn all the talk about improving access into real action.


Before joining Why Not People I worked for Muscular Dystrophy UK, which is an amazing charity that offers vital support for people across the UK who live with any form of muscular dystrophy.  I worked for Muscular Dystrophy UK on the Trailblazers network of young disabled people (who you should definitely go and check out because they do amazing things!).


I guess at this point I had better confess to you that my interest in improving access to live music comes from a very selfish place.  I have a neuromuscular condition called spinal muscular atrophy which means that I use a power chair to get out and about.  As a wheelchair user I have been disappointed for many years by the poor access found in many venues.

Growing up in London I would often feel frustrated when all my mates would bundle down to the local pub to check out some hot new band and I couldn’t join them because the gig was taking place in the upstairs room of a pub. 

Seriously, stairs are like my Everest.


But I know that access is more than just physical.  Making sure that anyone with any form of disability can enjoy live music is our number one aim.  Given our mission of making live music more accessible, there are a lot of things we have to consider and we have to recognise that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.  So, please do feel free to fire over suggestions on our social channels for how you think we should be tackling the issue of improving access (is this just a sneaky way for me to crowdsource my work? Possibly…)


I look forward to keeping you all updated with everything we have going on!




16th October 2015 - By Divya Daryanani


Happy Friday fabulous people!


I cannot apologise enough for how long it has been since we’ve been in touch… the good news is that we are back and not going anywhere!


The last time we wrote a blog was before our inaugural launch event on 1st July…. And can I just say WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! It was a huge success.  Everyone who came along had a fantastic time, the artists were blown away by the experience and the press were raving about how we are working to achieve social inclusion in the right way.  We really did make history that day Make sure you check out the amazing piece that Channel 4 did on the launch… it really brings it to life!


After taking a few weeks off, the team and I have been working hard to really turn this experiment into the fully fledged events and entertainment company that we have been promising.  


So… what’s on the horizon?

- Revamping the website and members’ area: more pages and content, discounts, blogs, competitions etc

- All members will receive their ID tags with a special welcome offer from one of our brand partners – our lovely friends at Hailo are the first to share some love

- We are in talks with one of the biggest national promoters in the country, to kick off 2016 with a 12-month regional tour.  Members can expect the Why Not Experience to be coming to a city near them soon

- Don’t think we have forgotten about all the incredible artists who all believe in what we are doing and that their fans have the right to access live music.  We are talking with management to choose the best options… watch this space

- We love fashion and don’t think there is enough visibility of disability in fashion.  Starting next year we have some big plans, culminating in an event that will make the history books in style. It is going to be huge!

- Why Not Coalition.  Sounds pretty sexy right?  Although I may be biased.  We are bringing together a wide range of charities from around the country and are all committing to achieve joint objectives that put access to the top of the agenda.  On our own, its hard – but together we are a force of nature

- And lastly, while we promote social inclusion and lead by best practice; we’re not just about the fun! We want to make sure that the playing field stays well and truly levelled; so we are working with the government and some of the nation’s most influential to impact long standing and significant social change


PHEW…. And breathe…


What else must I share… hmmm, we have a new fabulous campaign manager whose name is James Lee.  He has joined us from the wonderful MDUK Trailblazers and is honestly just a total breath of fresh air! He is going to do big things…  James will be introducing himself to you all next week.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you again to absolutely everyone who has helped us get here!  We have been blown away by the support and passion to join the movement.  I know I speak for Jameela as well when I say that simply, you are all just bloody amazingly wonderful human beings


Feel free to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, suggestions or really anything.  We love hearing from you!


Biggest kiss from all of us at Why Not People HQ

Divya x


Channel 4 are offering 10 places on their Rio Production Training Scheme



C4PTS15 Rio flyerv3


Hello wonderful Why Not people!


We’ve got a fantastic opportunity to tell you about.


In order to promote diversity in the media industry and address the under-representation of disabled people, Channel 4 are offering 10 places on their Rio Production Training Scheme solely to disabled applicants.


At the 2012 London Paralympics, 50% of Channel 4's on-screen team were disabled. That included three anchor presenters and many reporters – one of whom was our very own Sophie Morgan.  For Rio 2016 they are planning another revolution, this time behind the camera.


The Scheme offers an opportunity for entry level and junior talent to join the industry and learn the skills necessary in these roles:
    •    Junior Production Secretary/Coordinator
    •    Technical/Production assistant
    •    Edit Assistant


Working a 12-month contract in the sports/sports-news production sector, trainees will receive a well-rounded and structured industry experience. Monthly training facilitated and held at Channel 4 will provide you with important knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the industry.


Towards the end of the placement you’ll be interviewed for a place on the Sunset+Vine production team for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games starting in September 2016. This scheme allows you to work on some amazing projects, gain important skills and meet inspirational creative leaders; helping you build a great future and career in the industry.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, just follow this link to apply!


“This is a great opportunity which could help disabled talent break into the television industry.  I’m really pleased to see Channel 4 taking the initiative to support better representation of disability in the media – both in front of and behind the camera.”

– Jameela Jamil


“The Paralympic Games are a wonderful celebration of disabled people and I’m thrilled to hear that Channel 4 want to involve more disabled people in their delivery of the Games to the nation’s screens.”

– Hannah Cockroft

"This is a great opportunity - not only to become part of the 2016 games but to broaden your horizons! I loved every minute of my time working for Channel 4 and couldn't be happier that they are calling for new talent to get involved!  If you are wandering why you should apply, just ask yourself... why not!?"

– Sophie Morgan


channel 4



Changing Places mobile unit will be at Why Not People launch event...


"Changing Places by Aveso for Why Not People
Without dedicated specialist Changing Places across the country, carers and family have to meticulously plan every single trip out and even are forced to change and care for their loved ones in highly undignified and unsuitable conditions such as toilet floors.  As a result, many less able people are confined to their homes. This is completely unacceptable and does not give everyone the same equal opportunities that many of us take for granted.

Our aim is to make the provision of a Changing Places toilet facility seamless and easy regardless of the location or venue type. Which is why Aveso have worked with Why Not People and Mobiloo to provide a mobile Changing Places for The Troxy event in July! The facility will be available just outside of the venue and has a hoist and changing bench ready for people to use if they need it. The Changing Places will be accessible via side door or tail lift and will be manned at all times. As a note, if you do need to be hoisted on the day, you will need to bring your own sling with you in your bag (see website for more information).

Changing Places are available across the UK and are growing significantly in number to almost 800 nationwide. There are Changing Places situated in Museums, Airports, Petrol Stations, Hospitals, Supermarkets and Theatres to name a few and the full list can be found on the Changing Places map here: http://www.changing-places.org/find_a_toilet/location_map_and_national_register.aspx

We would love to hear your feedback about your experience of Changing Places on the day at The Troxy so tweet us @AvesoCP and @CP_Consortium #ChangingPlaces 

Aveso – Making Changing Places Happen www.aveso.co.uk


Sam Smith Ticket draw...



WNP Sam Smith Blog


The wonderful and talented genius that is Sam Smith, believes all his fans should be able to access and enjoy his music.  So he has given us 20 tickets for his sold out headline gig, Thetford Forrest on 3rd July.

We know we all work at different speeds, so we are doing a draw for the tickets rather than 1st come 1st serve.  The tickets cost £29.50 (plus £2.50 booking fee) and all you need to do to enter is by clicking the button ‘Enter the draw’ button on this tweet https://twitter.com/whynotppl/status/613675122600181764.

This competition is only available to members - so if you are disabled and would like to put your name in the hat, please sign up to become a member.  The draw will be open until 28th June and winners will be announced on the 30th July.
Get Clicking!


LAUNCH EVENT - Tickets Now on Sale!...



WNP Launch Tickets Blog


Hello all you fabulous people!  Oddly enough, this blog comes to you from the exact same place as the first - on the sofa in my living room.  I feel oddly compelled to commit this as my blog spot, exclusively from this nicely sunken in bum mould I have claimed as my perfect spot.


I have already introduced myself, my professional and medical history and shouted from the roof tops how proud I am to have started Why Not People with Jameela and Charlie. This post is going to be all about the incredible things we have lined up this month and some exciting announcements! I am going to apologise in advance for how long it is, there’s just so much to tell you and it’s all so important!


For you to be able to understand just how ground breaking our initiatives are, I feel it only right that I set the scene for you.  Ways of the past: Disabled people have had a very different experience accessing live music than you might think.  There is no online system to order their tickets, no choice of seats…. The disabled seat allocation is fixed and only available by calling a separate phone number (sometimes premium rate!).  Sounds pretty painful and inefficient right?!  And that doesn’t even touch on the experience that is had once you get there! This is no one’s fault and there will be no negative uproar… it’s just time for change.


The way for the future: Today Why Not People launches what we believe is the UK’s first online ticketing system (thanks to the guru’s behind the screens at Evolve UK) that allows EVERYONE to book their tickets in the same place, easily and efficiently. Just select the type of seat you need – Wheelchair, Carer, Sensory, Non-restricted or Non-member and the cherry on top I hear you ask?! You get to select the seats you want for you and your mates! (Not to toot our own horns… but TOOT TOOT!)  Head to www.whynotpeople.com/tickets-explained for more details and to book your tickets for our launch event on the 1st July!


Now, it has been said that I could sell ice to an eskimo, but let me assure you, those skills are not needed on this occasion.  Coming to our historic launch event is a no brainer (not that I am biased or anything)! For £35 a ticket – we are putting on a festival line up of incredible talent, all hosted by Jameela Jamil and our ambassadors.  The evening promises musical excellence from Aluna George, and Tinie Tempah; a giggling fit courtesy of genius comedian Romesh Ranganathan; and show stopping performances from the very incredibly hot men of Flawless and the F2 Freestylers (trust me, I am NOT exaggerating!)  Something for everyone?  What do you recon?!


I believe this is the perfect time for some announcements

•    We are opening the tickets for our launch event to the general public! We kept to our promise and will always prioritise our disabled members and their guests.  But inclusion is so important, and if we can do both… why wouldn’t we?!  We want to all party together! Click the link above to find out more and get your tickets.


•    The wonderful SAM SMITH has been given a clean bill of health, and is performing a very special headline (did I tell you It’s sold out?!) set at Thetford Forrest on 3rd July. This wonderful and genius musician wants to make sure that ALL his fans have access to his music… and so has given us 20 tickets for WNP members !!  We will be holding a draw for them as we don’t think that first come first served is fair…  everyone works at different speeds. Watch out on FB and Twitter for the announcements!


•    Last week, we hosted a meeting with some of the biggest game changers in the disability world. No, I mean it… really!  Disability Today, Dreams Come True, Disabled Go, Euans Guide, Changing Places, Create, Certitude, MCD Trailblazers, Ten Alps, Hyper Mobility Syndromes Association, Scope , Access Card and Blue Badge StyleI am not just trying to name drop, but I just cannot explain how excited I am to let you be a fly on the wall for a minute!  We are all banding together to form a coalition, and bring access to the front of everyone’s agenda.  Together we are going to do BIG things…. BIG!


•    Another great relationship that we should tell you about is with the wonderful team at Attitude Is Everything.  We have been speaking with them for a while now in the back ground and have had lots of advice and guidance on best practice for the launch event and beyond.  Thank you guys! We love you :)


•    Another meeting with the UK’s most accessible taxi service app HAILO was also extremely fruitful!  To show their support of Why Not People, they are offering members a £10 off on your fare on the 1st July   just another way to add to the experience we are building for you all.

That’s definitely all I have got for you this time folks…  Till next time! Divya xxx


Ditzy me! I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t just add one more thing! It’s pretty crucial… The entire Why Not People family are asking for your help this one last time. We need our launch event to be a storming success, delivering the ground breaking evening promised!  But to do that, and to make sure we have enough money to put on the next gig… please please share this blog, or our website with all your friends, family, colleagues … anyone really who enjoys Live Music, Comedy and Dance.  We’ve got 2 weeks to go… we are almost there! This is the final hurdle and together, we can make this dream a reality. Because…Why Not, People?



Meet... Jordan Bone!  Beauty goddess with tips and reviews...




Off to a gig tonight?  Jordan Bone shows us how to achieve the 'Smoky Eyes' look for a glamorous night out...






 sophie styling blog image WNP


Meet... Sohie Morgan!  WNP Ambassador, Style Guru and friend...



Styling Tips for Seated Ladies!


So, you use a wheelchair or scooter or some other mobility device that means

you are are seated most of the time? Does that mean you have to give up looking

great? Absolutely not! Does it mean you have adapt your style a bit? Hell yes it



As a wheelchair user and paraplegic, I have heaps of things I have to take into

consideration as I shop both online and in store, and 12 years experience has

now left me almost a damn expert in how to dress my disability properly. I wont

share all my tips at once, but here are some of my top styling guides.


1.   Sitting down all the time you’ll notice that trousers can become very ill

fitting and uncomfortable, as they can cut into your stomach and over

time can even cause pressure sores, for those of us that have limited

sensation. When leggings hit the shops everything suddenly became

easier, but then jeggings landed and whoa..game changers! My staple

leggings come from Primark, where they make black control leggings for

only £4. Not only are they easy to get on and off, they are comfortable and

flattering as they shape your legs if you haven’t any tone like me! And on

the plus side Primark is usually very accessible. If you would rather shop

online, I also recommend colourful leggings from places like ASOS.com.

These draw attention to your legs and stop you blending into your

mobility device!


2.   I’ve often noticed that when I wear longer tops or dresses I look a lot

taller in a seated position, as like high heels, it tricks the eye into thinking

you are longer! So I really recommend that you stay away from frumpy,

boyfriend shirts and look for slimmer fitted tops that are longer in the

body. Try the Tall section in TopShop for lovely long vest tops and t-

shirts. Wearing a belt around your waist also helps to give you shape and

drawing attention to your lovely lady curves!


3.   I don’t know about you guys, but I always carry my bag on my lap and I

don’t think it does me any favours! It hides almost all of me when it’s

rammed with the usual amount of junk I have to carry around for working

or travelling. One tip a stylist gave me years ago was to use a backpack

instead! Simple and obvious of course but something I hadn’t thought of.

You can find some brilliant ones that can work for all occasions, including

work or when going out. Just make sure they are properly closed so that

no one can pinch anything when it’s out of your sight!


4.   For people with high-level paralysis, more complicated disabilities or less

dexterity I could not recommend my friend Izzy’s company more. IZ

Adaptive is a clothing label like no other, and although they are over in

Canada, you won’t find anything better. Not all of us need to wear

adaptive clothes, but if any of you have ever tried clothes specially cut for

sitting down you’ll know just how brilliant they are.


5.   Being sat down all of the time means that you aren’t able to strut about

and show off your body like other women. So in many ways I believe, it’s

our hair and make up that enables us to really express our selves. Jordon

Bone, our very own in house Why Not People beauty blogger and drop

dead beautiful, can give you some expert tips so please stay tuned for her

v-blogs coming on a monthly basis.


Ok so that’s all for now. I will be back with more every other week and boys don’t

worry, I’m on to you too!


Why not Blog  

Meet... Snooks and James, SubPac UK
SubPac is very proud to be partnering with Why Not People and their goal to increase access to live shows for disabled people here in the UK. 
Our technology enables those with hearing and visual problems to experience music like everyone else, through the use of tactile sound and harnessing the power of low frequencies. 
Here at SubPac we have been struck by the level of support that the campaign has received, and really look forward to getting involved properly. 
Helping those on the deafness and visual spectrum with our technology is a project that is very dear to our hearts. Our backgrounds in the music industry have shown us the damage that can be wrought by loud music and we are aware of how important is it to protect our most valuable asset, our ears. 
For those that have hearing impairments we look forward to providing you with the future of tactile sound! See you on the 1st!
We have more content and videos on the member's portal, so Sign Up if you haven't yet!


        IMG 1355

Meet... Martin Dougan CBBC Newsround Presenter and WNP Ambassador

(This page normally sits on the portal, but we thought we'd share his firstentry with the world!)

Date: 19/05/2015


Let me begin my journey into "Blogging" with a very strong warning...I talk the biggest load of rubbish known to man. Seriously, I will rant on about everything and anything.  Just the other day I was having a wee catch up with my mates and I asked them. "If you could transport one finger back in time, which finger would it be and where would you send it?" 
Anyway: after hours of deliberation "and I mean hours". The best I could come up with was: I would release my index finger to whichever time Charlie Chaplin was around, and tackle Charlie chaplin's moustache.....I know right? 
I don't like telling that story, but I thought it was only fair to let you know what to expect if you decided to read my "Rubbish"  YOUR WELCOME!!! 
Anyway enough of Me taking about Martin. Let's move over slightly to the reason I'm doing this, which is probably the same reason you're reading it (I assume). WHY NOT PEOPLE? 
Ok - I'm just going to come out and say it. I hate everything disabled...even disabled people (well most of them). I have cerebral palsey and use a wheelchair to get from A to B. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I've been fighting to get that "Blue Badge" that's permanently stamped on me removed. So as "A Rule" I avoid working with disabled charities. Don't get me wrong, I do have some "like minded" friends who have disabilities, and I'm that much of an idiot, I truly believe in my heart of hearts: that my own disability hasn't affected me one bit in life. Maybe thats my downfall? I don't know? 
There's something special about WhyNotPeople though guys! I mean it's barely off the ground, and already we have some Top artists like Tinie Tempah playing with us on the first of July. 
But it's even bigger than that. I think it's kind of like, a social experiment. No! I'm not saying it's a science experiment and you guys are the guinea pigs. By signing up to be a WhyNot? Member. You're becoming part of a team that can change things, and I'm not just talking about getting access to gigs and music festivals. 
Music has the power to make people feel things. I love it when I hear a song, that I've not heard for ages and it takes me back to a certain period of my life, and suddenly all these crazy emotions come flooding back, that reminds me of whatever mental stuff I was doing back then. Music has brought me closer to people, and I'm hoping that's what will happen. 
The word that sticks out for me is : independence. That's what Why Not People are striving to achieve. Not just for music events, because that's just the start. Wouldn't it be amazing to make day to day life easier for you? Going to the cinema, visiting shopping centres, access to sports stadiums etc. Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit a head of myself (I always do that).  It's only because I believe in what we're doing here. The first of July is just "A Warm Up". Yeah I know, it's a damn good warm up right?
So there you go my little Why Not Amigos. My first article, has been out out for you all to laugh, cry and debate about. I've told all of you why I chose to become a Why Not Member. The question I put to any of you is:  Why wouldn't you want to be? 
Oh and there's plenty more "Rubbish" coming, and who knows what or who I'm gonna write about next. 
I hope to see you all on July first. It's a pretty big deal, so make sure you wear your best knickers. 
I know I will.....



18/05/15 "From PR & Chicken - To Making a Difference…"


I am not quite sure how best to start my first attempt at blogging.  I feel oddly calm and open, even though I am about to bear my soul to the far reaches of this vast blogosphere.  My name is Divya Daryanani and I am honoured to have founded Why Not People with Jameela 2 years ago, and have been managing the company ever since :0  I had been in PR for 10 years previously, working on everything from toilet duck and maple syrup (Oh the glamour), to whiskey and my favourite of them all … the PERi-PERi chicken that we all know and love! I spent the last 5 years before Why Not People became my whole world feeding chicken to lots of music artists, DJ’s, sportsman and global celebs, who all couldn’t do without their hit of their favourite spicy goodness.  In that list was the fabulous Jameela Jamil and how our wonderful friendship started.


That leads nicely onto a little bit more about me and the life experiences that have lead me to not only be proud of what Why Not is trying to achieve in the long term, but also have a personal stake in ensuring that things change around us all, as I don’t really know what the future holds for me health wise.  I won’t go into the depths of my rollercoaster of a medical history… but let’s just say that until 2 years ago, I truly believed that I was one of those human beings that was just broken, and that no matter how many doctors I saw, or how many treatments and apparent diagnosis had been made, I was just one of the unlucky ones that came broken on delivery. I have wonderful parents and a loving family, but my childhood and teenage years were a veritable treat of insomnia, stomach ulcers, weirdly clotting blood, lots of surgeries on joints that would do the strangest things; a simple day out shopping would leave me with joints as swollen as a beached whale and so sensitive that a hug would be too much at times.


 A couple of years ago, one miraculous doctor (with all the knowledge and experience of all the failed diagnosis before) finally told me that I was not in fact broken in lots of ways… just 2!  I can honestly tell you - that may very well have been one of the best days of my life… I finally knew what was wrong and could start understanding both Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fybro Myalgia.  Once I knew how to manage my body and conditions better… life got exponentially better :)


Some would say it was fate, others a lucky coincidence… I don’t mind which one it was; I am just forever grateful.  Around the same time that I was ready to hang up my apron at Nando’s and I was finally getting the right diagnosis… I was lying on my bed on a lazy Sunday and my phone rang.  Jameela at the time to me was ‘the hot Indian chick of T4 that I stuffed with chicken the year before at LoveBox.’  Little did I know it was going to be the call that changed my life…. it didn’t seem that way at the time let me tell you. 


The call was a blur of passionate sentences that told me of Charlie her best friend from childhood that she met at their special needs primary school, to her in an accident that almost left her paralysed.  This quickly moved on to a chat that Charlie and Jameela had the week before, outraged at how they couldn’t find a single place to go out together and be each other’s wing people… a birth right of every human being in my eyes.  This led onto discussion after discussion and debate to debate.  You guessed it!  All resulting in the Why Not People you see today!


We are certainly not where we started 2 years ago, we have learnt so much, dare I say it… even evolved as human beings through the process .  I was going to tell you all more about Why Not People, the gigs, member perks, styling tips and more… but I feel I have already blabbed a sufficient amount and don’t want to tempt the fine balance of an OK blog (I hope) and an OH MY! Blog.


Till next time fabulous people...


Sorry;-0  I have never been known to keep quiet long!  My last point is simply that Why Not People is going to change the lives of so many people and level the playing field of life where possible.  Whether you yourself are disabled, have friends that are, or simply believe in what we are trying to achieve – please share the message and sign up to become a member.







Hello and Welcome! 


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be writing this welcome message to you guys. Back in the day when my friend Charlie and I first dreamt about changing the way people with disabilities experienced live music, I don’t think either of us could have predicted just how good it would feel to see that dream finally becoming reality..and this message confirms it – Why Not People is OFFICIALLY alive and kicking! 


As many of you will have seen, we have been all over the damn news since I started campaigning for this novel idea of ‘inclusivity’ and all sorts of people have jumped on the band wagon to help me spread the love, including Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah and more…ahem, COLDPLAY. Out of pity? No. Because they want to play for ALL of their fans, and are also so frustrated by the shocking access in venues.  


My incredible team are now working behind the scenes to help me realise my dream, and we cannot wait to announce more huge acts and give you, my fellow Why Not People, exclusive access to some of the hottest tickets out there. Including our very first launch event, details of which are coming very soon!


We are so much more than just an events company, members club and pretty face – Why Not People are working with so many other fantastic companies, brands and charities to help change lives and I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being on this journey with us from the start. 


So much love to you all, and remember to please stay in touch on twitter and facebook.


Love you all, and thank you for joining us on this journey. I think this is the start of something really wonderful.


And about bloody time!  

Jameela xx 





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