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Before we tell you all about Why Not People, who we are, what we do and what we are offering here are a few words from our founder, the potty mouthed Radio 1 chart show presenter Jameela Jamil.


"When I was young and living with disability, I found that there was nowhere for me to go where I could just go out and party; nowhere that I felt equal; nowhere that was made for people who needed just an extra helping hand without being treated like an alien or a burden. I am horrified to say 10 years later there still really is not a place in the entertainment world for disabled people. The time is well overdue to create a place in entertainment for people of every need. Unity can only be a good thing. It is well overdue, but at last it is happening. I am lucky enough to have a job that gives me access to the worlds best artists, all of whom have not hesitated to support the cause. Because why wouldn’t you?"


"Why Not People? Ignores the notion of limits and discrimination and caters to all people for all walks of life. It is a chance for us all to party with the people we should have partied alongside all along. With accessible venues, the finest talent on the planet, we promise to put on gigs, events and club nights that you will never forget." - Jameela Jamil


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